happy birthday, fish!

happy birthday, baby!

dear misha,

first and foremost, i love you. i am honored and glad to be able to spend another birthday with you, to be able to call you mine for another year in your life. i hope to be calling you mine for the rest of our years, baby. thank you, you know. thank you for putting up with me, for dealing with me, for just being the rock that i am able to lean on. life isn't always easy; in fact, a lot of the time it's a soul sucker. but with you? with you in my life? it makes everything worth it. everything that we have to go through, all the obstacles that we have to fight? i can handle anything with you by my side. i am so thankful you were born and came into my life. so we're going to celebrate properly.


three gift certifcates for three couples cooking classes of your choice


everyone needs some clothing

best. husband. ever.

with the engraving j&m

conversation hearts!

the sweet kind & the naughty kind:

fish and 'pus

this is the cheesy part of the gift, baby. be warned.

the two of us. and a portable 'pus for you to always have.