description: 10.31 with the 2015 in the heart. just another way to commemorate the best day of my life.

the honeymoon shirt

description: it's very appropriate. but you can only wear it outside. never in the bungalow.

the spongebob sweatshirt

description: don't ask. i don't even know. i saw it and had to buy it for you.

the husband shirt

description: uh, this is self explanatory. you are the best husband ever.

you are mr. good looking

description: you know, so you can cook for me and wear nothing but this apron.

leather bracelet

description: it's nothing fancy, but i think it'll look good wrapped around your wrist. and my brain just went to a kinky place, yeeeees.

clone a willy

description: not just any willy, but my willy. and now we gotta find out if it feels the same. you up for it, baby?

merry christmas, mish

hey baby, i know these gifts aren't the greatest but, you know, limited packing space was available. still, if you're anything like me this year, you really didn't need any gifts because the greatest gift was marrying you this year. thank you for that, by the way. i am sure i have thanked you a million times since that night in october, but i will continue to thank you for the rest of my life. thank you for marrying me. thank you for choosing me. and really, all i need for the rest of my christmases on this earth is you. (though, maybe in a couple of years i'll ask for something outrageous like a car or something)

but for now, get naked. we're taking a dip in the ocean and then we're going to spend some "quality time" with that new clone a willy of yours in the hot tub.

i love you. from now until forever. and then some. don't ever forget it, baby boy.

ps - because it's not a gift giving season without a little music, have a song. hold on forever, baby. no matter what the future brings, i'm here for you forever. and just in case you needed ANOTHER reminder, all i want for christmas is you.